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     Radio Cook Islands was set up in the 1970s by the Government of the Cook Islands broadcasting on AM 630kHz. It uses a 5kW transmitter but this has had to be cut in half due to power costs.

     The station is heard via AM all over Rarotonga, the Southern Group islands and in the Northern Group only by car radio's with wires strung between coconut trees. It is also streamed over the Internet to be rebroadcasted via the FM stations on each island. So each island is able to receive the station three ways (AM, FM, Internet streaming).

     Radio Cook Islands was privatised in 1996 only to go back to Government in December 1998. It was then re-tendered and acquired by Elijah Communications in March 1999.

     Radio Cook Islands has had to undergo much change since it was acquired by Elijah particularly on the financial side, resources both human and technical and towards the end of 2000 improving its content. 

     Radio Cook Islands has decided to continue its commitment as the national station of the Cook Islands in the absence of a public service broadcaster.

     The main objectives of Radio Cook Islands are:

  • NEWS - To be an immediate, comprehensive and responsive source of news for the whole of the Cook Islands, overseas Cook Islanders and visitors interested in staying in touch with the country.
  • CULTURE - To preserve and maintain the Cook Islands culture.
  • LANGUAGE - To preserve and maintain the Cook Islands language.
  • MUSIC - To promote Cook Islands music and support Cook Islands artists.
  • NATIONAL - Remain the public service broadcaster for the nation.
  • COMMUNITY - Support community events and initiatives.

Since August 2006, Radio Cook Islands' FM station HITZ101.1 went to air. This station caters to the 15-35 year old market. It is still being developed. This station is only for the local market, it is not being broadcast online.

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6.00 Radio commences
       Pacific News
6.20 Live Weather
7.00 Pacific News
7.15 Public Health (M,W,F) Internal Affairs (T,Th)
7.35 Dedications
7.50 Welcome To Our World
8.00 Pacific News
9.00 Local News
       Talkback (T,Th)
10.00 Local News
11.00 Local News/
       Culture (M)
       Government (Th)
12.00 Local News
1.00 Local News
2.00 Local News
2.30 Interactive TOP 20 (F)
3.00 Local News
       Teen Scene
4.00 Local News
5.00 News Roundup
6.00 Public Health rpt
7.00 News
7.30 Devotion
6.00 Radio commences
      Pacific News
7.30 All Sports
7.00 Devotion

7.00 Radio commences
7.15 Imene Tuki
7.45 Tua Maori
8.00 Story Hour
8.30 SDA Programme
9.00 Morning Report 11.00 Apostolic Programme
1.00 CICC Programme


Radio Local News:
Top of the Hour
9am-4pm (M-F)

Radio News Roundup:
5pm (M-F)
All the news of the day

Radio Talkback:
9am-10am (T,Th)

Radio Info Time:
Culture (M)
Government (Th)
Opposition (F)

Radio Commences:
6am (M-Sa)
7am (Su)

Radio Shutdown:
11PM (Su-Th)
12AM (F,Sa)

70% Polynesian Music
30% English Music

Languages Used:
CI Maori/English
Talkback - CI Maori
Local News - English/CI Maori


















Copyright Radio Cook Islands 2000.  All Rights Reserved.

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You can comment about anything about the country that is bothering you and we will put it on the air.   Just email Radio Cook Islands.
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Bereavement or Community Notice
$20 for first 3 announcements
$5 every announcement thereafter

All prices in New Zealand Dollars. Email us for more information or payment options.
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